Friday, November 13, 2009

It's Coming....dun dun duuunnnn

It's 9:15am and I'm looking out my window right now to see everything I am used to, trees, grass, fallen leaves but it all has seemed to have lost it's color throughout the night.  It's all a similar shade of grey.  My car will need to warm up a few minutes before I'm able to go anywhere and I feel, at this point in the day that I need my down.  But I look at the forecast and it mocks my attempts to get settled into the coming winter.  It's suppose to be in the mid 50's today and as much as I'd love to only live through 4 months of winter instead of 6, 7 sometimes even 8, It's about time to decide already.  Is it winter or not?  Low 20's last night but high 50's and rainy on Sunday?  It's confusing and hard to buckle down and start sucking it up.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Time change creates time warp

Sitting here at my computer all afternoon catching up on emails, Relay for Life NordicStyle items, pulling up directions to my destinations for the next couple days, copying down recipes and making a check list for what I need to do and pack all before tomorrow.  I'm taking a road trip down to Waltham, MA to visit my best, newly engaged, friend.  We've only gotten to see each other a few times in the last few years and always in the company of others.  So this is a much needed trip of down time and celebration of her new relationship status.  A couple bottles of champagne should do the trick!

    Friday I will travel just down the road to Braintree for the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life Summit.  As the new Event Co-Chair of the NordicStyle event here in Stowe, I think this will be a great opportunity to meet other Relay-ers and learn about the Relay world and this years theme, MORE BIRTHDAYS!!  I'll be there until Saturday and will hopefully have someone to ride back up with me so I don't have to drive all the way home by myself.

    As for other things that I'm trying to do tonight?  Procrastinate finally posting an entry on this here blog, pack so I can leave right after work tomorrow, cook dinner.  My friend Melissa has a pretty cool blog that she inspires me to actually try to keep up on mine.  Her latest entry has a link to a really cool bread recipe that you can keep the raw dough for long periods and bake it off as needed.  My printer is out of ink so I've had to write everything down so I've copied down this bread recipe and would like to try it tonight.  Though I keep thinking I have no time because of the awful time change.  The light keeps telling me it's 6 or 7 but no, only 3:45.....(I went to bed at 9 last night because it felt so late). 

Well I feel successful in not going too long without posting so there it is for today.  Also successful in killing another 20 minutes.