Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dear Winter: You Can Kiss My Pastey White Hiney!

So it's been brought to my attention, by a recent comment (though not a direct critique), that I am a very bad blogger. After, spending, I'm sure, an unreasonable amount of time creating this page, I posted a whole one time! It's the idea of it that counts. I'm slightly embarrassed that this person stumbled upon this pathetic excuse for a blog in fact. But to address her comment directly, no my real name is not Betty. It's a, well, short story that I'll share with her in person. The name does well for my attraction to alliteration though.

So to move away from my disgust at my blogging history, I begin to move forward, one post at a time.

No go on the house....let's not go there.

I had a pretty mellow and productive day in the cellar today. The boss left early and with very little to do anyway, I whittled away at mundane tasks that are often not considered worthy of the mantra "why do tomorrow what you can do today." I was still home by 9:30.

It's nice to feel like we're getting back into the summer schedule. I've missed it, though of course that's only because that also means the other high points of summer will be soon to follow. Sun, thunder storms, local veggies and farmers markets, longer days, warm weather that doesn't require five layers just to take the dog out. I have to admit, though anyone who knows me is aware, that summer is by far more enjoyable for me than winter. "Why do I live in the 3rd cloudiest county in the country" you ask? Believe me, I ask too. I'll get back to you.

Back to the summer schedule, Sundays have become a day of rest for us bakers in the market cellar, also known as the kitchen. We make sure the two days prior we've set our selves up nicely as to be home by 9ish, enjoying the relaxation the traditional day of rest was intended for. This is also a ploy to make up for the sleep we inevitably miss out on during the abundance of daylight the summer months bring. This rutine has begun to transpire as well.

I do have to concede that this winter has been monumentally more difficult than others in the past for so many reasons I have no control over. I can only hope that tragedy and bad luck have both said their piece and have moved on for at least a little while.

Aside from this uncharacteristly sorrowful repose, I spend the majority of the winter months tucked away under a fleece blanket (or two) hibernating. I become somewhat of a hermit who goes out to go to work or the few and far between get together with a close friend, or maybe a beer at the local watering hole (if I'm already out). I need more sleep that humanly possible and turn in with little trouble by 8:30. It's an outstanding amount of work to muster the motivation to fufill unavoidable duties such as taking the dog for a walk/hike. I take on a persona that humanizes the emotions that is winter. Dull, cold and dark.

Summer on the other hand, I get a steady average of four hours of shut eye a night. I rarely sleep later than 8 on my days off and I accomplish almost as much as one should in a day. I work, cook dinner, get a hike and/or a paddle in and still have time and energy to spare.

I love this about summer. I always feel much better about everything. It's all about ones outlook.

Needless to say, I am rather pleased to have this feeling that summer is not far away. Though I'll have to go stand out in it for some time this afternoon, I'm pleased with the rain. It smelled so nice and clean when it rained on Thursday. The seasons are a changin and to hide the elation I feel towards this idea would be like holding a hand towel in front of a hippo. (sorry, I couldn't resist a ridiculous analogy).

So that's it for now, don't hold your breath that it won't be another 11 months before you hear from me again.

As a tribute to the few outings in which we took a camera, here are a few photos from this winter, at which moments we took solace in the outdoors. Notice that the sun is an always present factor...won't leave home without it :)

Trek to Taylor Lodge. January 2009.

Little River State Park. Waterbury, VT. February, 2009.

Signing off, BB.

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